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Benefits to Reading The Wisdom Keys

  • Master emotions, and appreciate the role of suffering or dissatisfaction
  • Realize that, as the creator of your reality, you have the power to shift rapidly to better it
  • Understand how the workings of karma in yours and everyone's lives is a self-chosen design
  • See through illusion to discover your true self (not your personality)
  • Learn how to quiet the thought process, develop an illuminated mind, and lose the fear of death
  • Gain protection and assistance from the Universe by understanding the role of compassion and serenity
  • Activate your psychic abilities

The Wisdom Keys explains how to:

  • Recognize your karmic pattern
  • Move upward and inward through four new perspectives
  • Reach the special understanding that age-old wisdom talks about, and spiritual paths promise

The Wisdom Keys reveals the truth about:

  • Who you really are!
  • What the Great Cosmic Plan for the earth truly is
  • How to create a happier life and good karma

What you will discover:

  • The Four Keys and their gates to higher paradigms
  • The Holographic Universe as created by thought projection
  • The M Field of energetic oneness
  • The Observer who directs your lower self
  • The Quantum Shift for mastering the Art of Manifestation
  • The Continuum of Awareness (Rainbow Bridge) between lower and higher consciousness
  • Your deepest true Self -- simultaneously yourself, the entire world, and a spark of godlike energy
  • The prophecies of this design in The Age of Aquarius

"This visionary book will give you joy and sacred guidance."
- Andrew Harvey, author of over 30 books, including The Direct Path

"I really love Judi Thomases'’s so informative! The material I’m very familiar with but Judi takes it to the next level. She is brilliant with her detailed information on our founding forefathers and the one dollar bill. I also found her input on America and Israel fascinating! Definitely buy this book if you want to help yourself as well as humanity!"
- Robin Gardner, Life Coach

"Ten profundities on every page!"
- Paul Lamb, Chinese Energy Healer