Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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    - How should you see yourself in
    - What is the Quantum Shift?
    - What does “getting out of the
       hologram, and into the energy
       field” mean?
    - What is the Surge?
    - What does “piercing the veil”
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Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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Softcover, Cypress House
128 pages, $12.95
ISBN 1-879384-57-4

"The journey continues forward, and the universe keeps trying to express itself in a form that is completely able to manage full awareness, full power, and full compassion. Then and only then is the long journey judged finished."



"In a world, where everything seems to be becoming more and more difficult and more out of control, a book like this is a breath of fresh air. It helps us to stabilize and get a perspective on our personal lives and where we are heading with our choices and our actions.

"The essential point of this book is that life really doesn’t take place outside of us, but inside of us. It’s up to us individually, and that is something that we CAN control. In “Wisdom’s Game,” the talented author, Judi Thomases, illustrates the key to joy and the process for discovering how to turn pain into joy is in our own hands. ...

"None of the exterior riches or outside accomplishments mean anything if we do not have conscious control of our own mind and soul. All of the true riches lie protected, deep within us. And it is up to us to create the kind of person that we want to be.

I highly recommend this book." -- Marie-Claire Wilson, author of the Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple. www.marie-claire.tv

Truth and Inspiration from Cover to Cover, May 15, 2006
Reviewer: Reader Views "www.readerviews.com" (Austin, TX)
Reviewed by: Deah Jackson for Reader Views (5/06)

This book is simply amazing. I read this book four times in a month before I even decided to write this review. It is only 105 pages, but it is a lot to digest, and it is a book that every time you read it you gain a new piece of knowledge. Judi Thomases, the author of "Wisdom's Game," has a background in astrology, tarot, psychic development and channeling. This book was channeled through her by The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Is that too "new agey" for you? Well don't let those things fool you; this book is DEEP regardless of your beliefs or religious background.

As I read this book, I remember it feeling like I was eating chicken soup on a cold rainy day, it was so comforting! The book talks about the game of life and how to turn suffering into joy. The book is separated into small chapters and before each chapter there is a preview and an inspirational quote. Each chapter is a gem within itself, explaining why we are here on this earth, and how to deal with pain in our lives. It offers new perspectives on life and anyone who reads this book can gain higher levels of consciousness just by reading the words of truth written within this book. "Wisdom's Game" exposes the bigger picture, the greater plan of life.

For example the first chapter's preview states: "Wisdom teaches that, while temporary pain is normal, continual suffering over its cause isn't necessary. We can instantly change our thoughts to take things more lightly." Another one of my favorite quotes in this book is from chapter five. "It is the impetus of suffering that always stimulates the greatest desire for change. Suffering, and nothing else, is the abrasion that produces wisdom." Oh my gosh! Of course it is! Aha! Light bulbs, everything went off inside of me! When I read that quote I felt a rush of understanding within myself. So many times, when I have gone through difficult times, I have asked the question why? Well within this book are the answers to the why of why we suffer, and how to deal with pain in a better way. I can really see myself re-reading this book, especially when I might be going through a difficult time.

This book is simply amazing and so needed for the human Light Workers in times like these. "Wisdom's Game" is truth and inspiration from cover to cover. I would say, if you have somehow stumbled across this book and this review, you HAVE to read it... no, you have been CALLED to read it. I would guarantee that anyone that picked up this book would gain something from it! Five stars plus!

"Your book is truly wonderful. I can see me reading it many times over, not only for inspiration but also as one of my first steps in finding my 'purpose driven life'. I'm devouring the book." Kathy B. (Pearl River, NY)

"Your book looks wonderful and reads wonderfully. I'm finding it very helpful at this particular juncture in my life. Congratulations. It's a great book. I've a feeling it's going to be one of those books that's going to be around for a long, long time - maybe longer than you and me! There's some really powerful stuff in there." Mahesh G. (Florida)

"I am glad I got a chance to read your book before taking the [real estate] exam. I usually am nervous when taking an exam, not this time. Because of your book I was completely calm and confident. I even slept well the night before, woke up the next morning with a smile on my face." Barbara F. (Hyattsville, MD)

"Love the book. A joy to read and practice." Mimi D. (Boca Raton, FL)

"Your book is super great! I have given the two of them as gifts and the feedback is wonderful! I have been reading and re-reading your book and find that each time I do something else seems to "pop out" from it that I had not zeroed in on previously." Ann C. (Kennett Square, PA)

"Each time I go back to the material, it's like I'm reading an entirely different book because it resonates anew. It feels as if it's been rewritten just for me."
Sheryl L., (Greenwich, CT)

"An eye opening guide to the unconscious motivations of the human psyche and its relationship to the metaphysical universe." Phyllis W. (Larchmont, NY)

"I received [the book] Friday and Friday night I stayed up and read over half of your book…fantastic! You were/are an answer to a prayer. A hope…seen! At last, this book is a contact I have been searching for…You have opened a door for me into another spiritual dimension."
Rosemary R., (Montgomery, AL)

"I played the message from the Brotherhood for some people, all of whom said it was for them - they needed to hear it. Why was I surprised!"
Kathi O., (Mandan, ND)

"I want to thank you and The Brotherhood of Light Workers for all you do… I pray that I may one day give to you what you have given me threefold. Blessings, love & light."
Gail S., (Philadelphia, PA), teacher

"It's intense and worth reading twice." Nancy H. (Nyack, NY)

"I so enjoyed your book, it truly spoke to me - I absolutely know this to be true, this soul journey that you wrote of - and reading it in your book validated what I couldn't put into words. It was pretty mind boggling, and I just kept nodding, and saying 'Yep' as I was reading it." Sue W., (Nyack, NY), consultant

"I finished reading your book a few nights ago. WOW!! I found myself smiling a lot while reading it. It just felt like you/the Brotherhood was talking directly to me... WOW again!! I am actually re-reading it, that's just what I do with books I find powerful." Antoinette O. (Carmel, NY), teacher, massage therapist

"There is more to be learned throughout the book...the advice is on the money. I truly believe that life is an education. What you get from this life is solely chosen by the way you play the game." Tracy Farnsworth, www.RoundtableReviews.com

"Many, many thanks for Wisdom's Game.   The book is, as I suspected it would be, wonderfully informative and very well written  and makes for a really good read.  I think the previews at the beginning of each chapter probably helped a good number of those out there who're at the beginning of their search.  Congratulations on publishing such a wonderful book." Terry R. (Manhattan, NY)




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