Wisdom Path psychic astrologer and spiritual counselor
Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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About Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author

Having offered consultations for many years that utilized the tools of astrology, Tarot, and I Ching to aid the client's path, a new and deeper clarity began to evolve in Judi's work through the wise teachings Judi started receiving directly from her spirit guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Not only were these teachings incorporated into her sessions, but their cumulative effect after five years of doing such was to awaken much greater awareness of the truth often hidden behind life's illusions. Emotional pain and entrapping struggle was now seen in a very different light, and Judi began integrating this viewpoint into the guidance she offers to clients.

Thus, Judi's journey as well as her work was transformed into the Wisdom Path.

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Judi Thomases, a Phi Beta Kappa, member of two national astrological organizations (The American Federation of Astrologers, & The National Council for Geocosmic Research) and past vice-president and fund-raising Chairperson of The Astra Guild for Education, has been a professional astrologer and psychic Tarot consultant since 1975. Teacher, lecturer, writer, columnist, and consultant in astrology, Tarot, metaphysics, and intuitive sciences, she has appeared on radio and cable TV; been published in Dell Horoscope, The American Astrologer, The Inner Realm magazine, Writings on the Wall magazine, and Today's Astrologer (the monthly bulletin of the American Federation of Astrologers); was featured on www.allexperts.com; has been profiled in Gannett newspapers, The Hudson Valley magazine, and The Hudson Valley Business Journal; and has been a speaker at conventions and seminars. She is quite accurate about forecasting coming trends, and is able to pinpoint specific dates for targeted activity. Judi has taught classes in 3 levels of astrology, and has clients from around the world.



As a Psychic Astrologer, in addition to her ability to interpret the horoscope, Judi can receive information from other sources such as Tarot cards, AstroDice, or I Ching. She specializes in psychologically-oriented spiritual guidance for important life choices, and in the interaction between people. A member of The International Tarot Society, Judi has taught classes in Tarot, and in general metaphysics.

Psychic Development

Judi is a natural "sensitive" who is able to perceive higher vibratory fields both visually and through the astral body's electromagnetic sphere. Employing a self-taught method akin to "Qi Gong" (Chinese energy healing), she has been able to help people effect healing upon their physical bodies as well as to relay insights about the emotional causations of their various ailments. Judi has taught classes in ESP development, and prophesies for the New Age.


Spiritual Development & Metaphysics

Marketing Consultant & Media Coordinator of "Blue Horizons, A Professional Healers Network" - a networking group for holistic practitioners; Founder of "Goddess Gatherings" - a spiritual network of women for meditation, teaching, and personal development; Director & Founder of "Life Through a Different Lens" - monthly gatherings for spiritual/ metaphysical understanding; Director & Founder of "Mind's Eye Forum, Rockland County's First Interdisciplinary Self-Development Center"; Consultant in Tarot, Astrology, ESP (psychometry) and healing; Student since 1973 of Yoga, Eastern philosophies, Sufi dance, Kabbalah, the Major Arcana, and the Hermetic Mystery School teachings; and member of The Seth Network International, Judi has made a life-long study of paths of spiritual growth. She is the author of "Adventures of a Starlady: A Memoir."



Since the beginning of 1997, Judi has become the medium of communication (a channel) for spiritual entities who call themselves The Brotherhood of Light Workers. The helpful guidance being offered from these non-physical sources gives us clarification of our life issues and a clearer understanding to reframe everyday experiences into joyful challenges. Judi has been offering demonstrations of such channeling and has received a body of messages being published as A CURRICULUM FOR HANDLING EARTH-SCHOOL, and another manuscript entitled "WISDOM'S GAME: HOW TO CHANGE LIFE'S PAIN INTO JOY" - it is comprised of a fully channeled message for our age, from her guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers. She offers a monthly column called "Teachings from The Brotherhood" that appears in Inner Realm magazine and Dell Horoscope magazine.




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